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Shelter in place crafts with Creativebug

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As we shelter in place, we all might be going a little stir crazy trying to find things to do. One of the online resources that we have available is Creativebug, which has free videos showing you how to do a variety of arts and crafts type projects. On May 1, Creativebug added a new video called "Daily Creativity at Home." It is a video series with a variety of projects that use materials commonly found at home.


There are a total of 31 videos in this series - one for each day of the month of May. The first two videos are already available and a new video is made available each day. Each video is roughly 5-10 minutes long and at the beginning of the video, the instructor will tell you what materials you will need for that particular project and will walk you through how to do that project. 

These are fun, simple projects that anyone can do. You will only need items that are commonly found in a home, like paper, glue, scissors, paint, yarn, and more. You can even make a game out of it and try to see if you can complete all of the projects for the month. You can access these videos, plus many others, for free by going to the Research Page on the library website, clicking on Creativebug, and then putting in your library card number and PIN. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Feel free to share what crafts you are working on too!