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Special Collections at Dundee Library, Part Two

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Last month I talked about the first two Special Collections available at the Dundee Library. Now let’s take a look at the next two collections:


          A reel of microfilm



Microform Collection:     

This collection is made up of two formats: microfilm (a roll of film) and microfiche (flat sheets of film). Both formats contain images of full issues of magazines and newspapers. The collection is made up of a variety of local newspapers, national magazines, and census data. The periodicals/information available covers 1840 to 2009. The local newspapers and census data are great resources for local history research and genealogical research. The national magazines are great for history research and research in the other academic areas that the magazines cover.






A report in a binder




Local Environmental Studies:

Also known as the “Rockwell-McCanna Environmental Studies,” this collection is primarily made up of reports discussing the contamination issues at the site of the former Rockwell-McCanna plant in Carpentersville. These reports essentially explain what the issues are and outline plans of how they are going to address and correct these issues. This collection also has reports discussing other environmental topics, including: electricity needs and reliability, Fox River bridge crossings, and Kane County water management and policies. These local environmental studies are excellent resources for environmental science research and perhaps local history research as well.





These two collections are important as well. The microform collection provides access to older volumes of magazines and newspapers that may no longer be available in print form. The local environmental studies provide important environmental information that affects our community. We feel that it is essential to preserve these items so we can keep these resources available for our community. If you want more information about these collections or have any questions, please feel free to stop by the Information Services desk at the Dundee Library, call 847-428-3661 and press 3, or email us at