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FRVPLD now offers STEAM kits that patrons can check out for one week! 

STEAM Kits are an amazing resource that provide hands-on learning experiences for children in K-6th grades with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math topics.  Every kit comes with a book, instructional guide, hands-on learning object, and possibly a DVD. 

We currently offer 16 different kits that explore topics such as simple machines, geometry/art, astronomy, robotics/coding and engineering. All the kits check out for 1 week and can renew up to two times.  Check out which kits are available now!

As coding becomes a common skill taught to kids in school, we've created a couple of coding and robots kits.  One of our kits has an Ozobot in it.  Ever hear of an Ozobot? An Ozobot is a tiny programmable robot that follows black, red, green, and blue paths to control its movement and speed in different directions.  The main goal of the Ozobot is to introduce kids to simple coding.  

Check out this video of the Ozobot in action!