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Survivor: Poisonous or Edible

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Age: Teen
Allowed Ages: 11 and older.
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Can you survive in the woods?

Humans discovered through thousands of years of evolution what plants to eat and which ones not to eat.  Nature is full of food, medicine and danger.  Eating the wrong plant can make you sick, very sick or even kill you.  Eating the wrong plant in a survival situation is extremely dangerous, since you are probably already weak, dehydrated and hungry.  We will play the Library Springs Trail Survival Game.  We will find plants and I will give you choices of which ones to eat.  You will get a card for each correct answer and a card for each wrong answer.  At the end, we will tally up our cards to see who is the ultimate survivor! (and who died!)  Then we will forage an afternoon snack of tea and salad! 

Learn a new skill and explore the great oudoors at Dundee Township's Open Space @ Library Springs behind the East Dundee Library.  If inclement weather arises, the program will be indoors.

poisonous or edible