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Tackling my to-read list

One of the pros to being at home is that I have finally started to tackle books that have been on my to-read list for quite some time. These four are top of the list which i have started, or will be starting soon. 

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With the bread baking craze taking over social media the first book I acquired was Bread Baking for Beginners by Bonnie Ohara; who is the Instagram bread queen. Being a novice in baking I was nervous about tackling this kind of baking; especially because in her book, ingredients needed to be measured out by weight and not by the utensils I am used to. But her book explains things easily which is due to how it is laid out, you start with easy recipes which allow you to understand the feel and look of dough and then from there you can try out making designs and being very artsy with your bread. Before I knew it, I had made no-knead bread, three times, pizza dough, twice, brioche cinnamon rolls, and brioche bread. The last and only chapter I have yet to explore is the sourdough section, hopefully soon I can make my own starter. Hoopla ebook

 *this specific book is not in our library collection but there are others who are good bread baking books.

The second book on the list, I found during my countless hours on Instagram. A photographer I follow was giving a tour of her bookshelf and in that post,  I was introduced to The Secret Life of Colors by Kassia St. Clair. The book explores 75 shades, dyes and hues of color. It explores the cultural and social history behind them and how they are made and where used through history and art. It’s not a typical book I would pick but it is very fascinating to learn about something that is all around us every single day to which we do not think twice about. For example there was a pink hue that was created to make people less aggressive which was belived to help counteract the drug epidemic of the 1970s. Hoopla ebook, Hoopla ebook

*this specific book is not in our library collection but there is a color theory section if you are interested in this topic.

Wine girl is a biography by Victoria James, and it caught my eye due to the subject of being a sommelier. I find it fascinating to hear about those certified in this field not only due to the limited number of professionals but because the sommelier can detect different aspects of wine and it’s just a peculiar profession. This book follows the youngest American sommelier at age 21, and a woman, as she shares her journey thru the restaurant industry.  Overdive ebook

The last book on this list is called Fashionopolis:The Price of Fast Fashion by Dana Thomas. With big companies like H&M and Zara constantly cranking out new styles and at such a cheap price one wonders whether this is a sustainable thing to have, especially due to our current climate crisis. This book pulls back the curtain in the manufacturing that happens in the fashion industry. The bad impact fast fashion not only has on our environment but also on people, the low wages paid to those working at these plants, mostly third world countries, and the bad conditions and dangerous they are exposed to. But this book doesn’t just show the bad, they also show what can be done in order to move away from fast fashion, they explore solutions being tested out to so there is hope with this industry. If you want to learn more about conscious fashion this is a book I highly recommend. Overdrive ebook, Hoopla ebook