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Tai Chi @ Dundee Library

Looking for a new way to relieve stress and stay fit this winter?  Attend our Monday night Tai Chi classes at the library which start at 6 PM. Tai Chi (TIE-CHEE) is a Chinese marital art with a series of slow, focused movements that are accompanied by deep breaths.  Once developed for self-defense,   Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise now mostly practiced for its fitness and relaxation benefits.  Instructor Jarett Sanchez leads an hour long class including joint warmups, standing Qi Gong (CHI-GUNG), and Tai Chi mechanics and movements. 

Photo by Scipio, flickr user. 

Classes are free and will be held on most Monday nights during the winter season beginning in November.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes for class.  Check out our online calendar for exact dates, or call us at (847)428-3661.