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Take n' Bake Week #4

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Program Type: S.T.E.M./Maker
Age: Teen

Nine weeks of Ocean Shrink Charms! Every Friday, a new shrink film kit will be available for pick up at the Dundee Library Information Desk.  Printed copies of the manufacturer’s baking instructions are available and can also be downloaded.  Supplies are available on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. 

Tips and tricks:

Use colored pencils and or permanent ink markers to trace and color the design

  • Choose matte, or clear shrink film.  Only the clear will remain transparent. 
  • Only use permanent (alcohol based) markers.  Water based markers WILL NOT work.  I've tried.  It never dries on the plastic, even after baking.  No sanding is needed when using permanent markers. I used Sharpie brand for my samples.  Use the colors first and add the black line last, otherwise the colors might smear the black line.
  • If using colored pencil on the clear film, you need to lightly sand the surface to make sure the pencils have something to cling to.  I used 3M brand sandpaper in 320 grit on my samples.  You do not need to use sandpaper on the matte film, but it could help. If you are using colored pencil to make the black line, do those first.  It is really hard to color over another color with the pencils.  You can use a fine black sharpie to make the lines before or after the colored pencils.  I used the black sharpie liner after the colored pencils on my clear sample.  I used black pencil to do the lines on my matte sample with colored pencils and it was difficult to add the black at the end. 
  • When baking.  Put parchment paper on the baking tray to prevent sticking.  Once the shrinking has stopped, you can flatted the charm when you pull the tray out, but you have to work quickly.  Make sure to wear and oven mitts and use another sheet of parchment paper on top to prevent sticking.  
  • The colors will intensify / darken when they condense (shrink).