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Virtual Horror Movie Trivia - Part 4 - The Final Chapter

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Program Type: Games
Age: Adult

Just like Freddy Krueger, our love of horror is eternal! Prove your knowledge of the horror genre with three ghoulish rounds covering a wide range of movies, from Universal Classic Monsters, to 80s and 90s favorites, right up to our current golden age of “elevated horror.”

Play either on your computer using two browser windows to watch the stream and play the game at the same time or watch the YouTube stream on a computer and play the trivia game on your mobile device, or simply come watch.


Link will be posted on the day of the event


Link will be posted on the day of the event

Register to receive a reminder email with the links to the livestream and trivia. Just before the event, we'll also post the YouTube Live link along with the trivia link on our social media pages and on this event page.

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