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Virtual Reality: Attack of the Squirrels!

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Allowed Ages: 10 and older.
Registration for this event has closed.


A group of squirrels is out to rob a bounty of golden acorns from an ancient tree but the tree has other ideas. One player uses the VR headset to play as the tree while everyone else uses mobile phones (iOS or Android) to download the game and play as the thieving squirrels.

NOTE: It is recommended players bring a mobile device (tablet or phone) to participate.

Each of the four squirrels brings something unique to the battleground. Zip moves the fastest, Chunk carries a shield, Doug burrows underground, and Sim builds ramps.

As the ancient tree in VR, you’ll use your own hands to hurl rocks and chunks of wood at anything that gets too close. You can also squirt sap to impede invaders and even reach out to grab them or swat them away.

Acron supports up to eight local players, everyone registered will get a chance to play

Mobile players are invited to join the game via a code sent from the VR player. The required companion app is free on iOS or Android devices (iOS 12.4, iPhone 6 and up; Android 5.0 and up).