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We Make it Easy for You to Try Something New

Take a well deserved break from your daily grind and try something new like pour painting or crochet. We make it easy for you -- we provide all the materials, instruction, and virtual interaction. You just pick up your materials at the Dundee Library, sign on to the Zoom program and let the experience of creating something yourself while enjoying the camaraderie of others take you away for a little while.

FRVPLD patrons get creative with pour painting.How many times have you scrolled by photos of creative do-it-yourself projects finished by your friends and acquaintences and thought "I would like to try that!" It's easy to then let it pass by because the thought of buying all the materials and figuring it out yourself doesn't seem worth it. What if you end up not even liking it, but now you've invested time and money into the project?

FRVPLD patrons are discovering that our library is the perfect place to give something new a try. We have been offering a variety of craft programs that make it easy. To participate, you register for the program on our online calendar, swing by the Dundee Library to pick up your (free!) materials curbside, and then join the Zoom program for step-by-step instruction and a fun, positive atmosphere with other partcipants. 

Here are some comments from our most recent program, Make Your Own at Home: Pour Painting:

  • "Hi! This was so much fun!! Thank you for putting this together! Really appreciate it!"
  • "Thank you again so very much for coordinating this - these art things are so relaxing and therapeutic during all of the chaos right now. Our young children love doing the crafts each month - it’s fun to see them laughing and spending time together. We truly look forward to these - thank you thank you! Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year."
  • "Thanks so much for hosting the paint night! We had so much fun!"
  • "Thank you so much. We had so much fun and we’re so impressed with the results!"
  • "Thanks Cari for a fun program!! My mom's is on the blue tray, mine is on the right green tray (currently drying on top of the fridge!) I appreciate the fun program and love that it was your sister that did the class, she is talented!"
  • "Thanks for a great class. Your sister is very talented. Loved how she made the jewelry from dried paint."
  • "This was an awesome experience! Thanks for providing all of the materials!"
  • "Thanks for offering such a wonderful program! I NEVER would have tried this on my own!"
  • "It was nice that some people shared theirs, as you could see how even though we all followed the same directions....that everyone’s was different!  Thank you, again! I hope that is you have to report to someone higher up in the library, that you let them see everyone’s responses!"
  • "It was fun and turned out better than I expected, other than paint on the rug and on my computer! But it will come off. Thanks for doing this."
  • "We enjoyed last night's class, and look forward to more library crafts."
  • "I loved our class and wanted to share my painting photo. Thank you so much!"


It's a well-know fact that getting crafty can reduce stress, encourage mindfullness, keep your brain sharp and provides an opportunity to put aside any worries or anxiety. Here are some upcoming programs you can still register for this winter. Check back often as we start to announce spring programs (like another pour painting program!). Click on the link to register:

Artist & Tea: Jacob Lawrence on Thursday, February 4 at 7 p.m.

Decorate Your Own at Home: Wine Glasses on Thursday, February 11 at 7 p.m.