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Women in Music Trivia: '90s Edition

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Women in Music Trivia: ‘90s Edition is coming up on Wednesday, March 24 at 6:30 p.m.! I’ll test your knowledge on the women who dominated the charts during the ‘90s: Mariah. Whitney. Celine. Aaliyah. Shania. Sheryl. Selena. Madonna. Janet. Alanis. Fiona. Jewel. Brandy. Monica. Britney. TLC. En Vogue. Spice Girls. Destiny’s Child... Plus so many more!

CDs of '90s artists scattered on a table

The trivia will be live streamed on YouTube Live, and we will post the YouTube link and link to the trivia game on social media on Wednesday afternoon. To sign up for the trivia and receive an email with the links, register here.

To go along with the trivia, I gave my all and put together an extensive Women in Music: ‘90s Edition playlist with 10 hours of music. Enjoy!