Asian Heritage Reading Challenge

Celebrate Asian authors and those with Asian heritage by participating in our reading challenge throughout the month of April. Sign up through the Beanstack app, website, or in person at the library. You'll have the opportunity to read a book from our carefully curated adult and teen lists representing authors from multiple Asian identities, whether from continental Asia, the Pacific Island, or Asian descent. One book is all it takes to complete the challenge. Prizes will be awarded to all finishers. You are free to read any book by an Asian author that you'd like to complete the challenge. While we have curated one list with teen titles and one with adult titles, anyone is welcome to read from either list.

Once you've finished reading your book, simply enter the title into the relevant activity badge and you're a winner! Participants will choose from the following titles:

  • The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan
  • Throwback by Maurene Goo
  • Yellowface by RF Kuang
  • I'd Rather Burn Than Bloom by Shannon C.F. Rogers
  • Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai
  • Damsel by Evelyn Skye
  • I'll Stop the World by Lauren Thoman
  • The Cartographers by Amy Zhang
  • The Apothecary Diaries vol. 1
  • Honey Lemon Soda vol. 1
  • The Night Eaters: She Eats the Night Book #1
  • Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint vol. 1
  • A Sign of Affection vol. 1

Participants ages 12 and up can collect their prize starting April 8th at either the Dundee or Randall Oaks Library upon completion of the Asian Heritage Reading Challenge, and titles are available while supplies last.