Closed for Fourth of July Holiday

Both library branches will be closed in observance of Independence Day on July 4.

Strategic Plan

Bridging diverse communities through the joy of discovery.


A vibrant center of connection, growth, and endless learning.



  • Environment: We believe that library spaces should align to the growing and evolving needs of community members and staff, while remaining flexible and creative in addressing new opportunities.
  • Customer Service: We strive to provide outstanding service by connecting people to resources and services that enhance their quality of life.
  • Community: We offer programs, services, and resources that anticipate and respond to community needs and expand cultural awareness.
  • Intellectual Freedom: We provide and encourage free and equal access to information and the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Inclusion: We welcome and celebrate our diverse community, and offer collections, technology, and programs that reflect and represent the people we serve.



  • Inspire curiosity and innovation.
  • Optimize spaces to improve library experiences.
  • Offer impactful programs and services.
  • Continue building beneficial partnerships.
  • Foster a positive organizational culture.
  • Expand revenue streams.
  • Support transparent fiscal and fiduciary practices.
  • Promote engagement with the library across the district.



  • Discovery: Provide free and equal access to collections, programs, and services that inspire curiosity, encourage learning, and prioritize personal growth.
    • Continually promote lifelong learning and discovery through quality resources and programs.
    • Maintain and continue to build high-quality collections.
    • Expand the collections with high growth potential and adjust other collection areas as needed to reflect and respond to the communities in our district.
    • Offer programs supporting literacy and learning tailored to the needs of our library users.
    • Prioritize initiatives with a focus on community needs and achieving excellence.
  • Presence: Improve the physical library spaces to increase access and optimize the library experience for all users.
    • Align spaces to the growing and evolving needs of staff and community members.
    • Address facility maintenance issues impacting everyday usage.
    • Explore ways to utilize library spaces to meet expressed community needs better.
    • Investigate options and plan for modifying spaces to optimize library services.
    • Develop and pursue initiatives that will improve and increase access to library resources.
  • Connection: Expand awareness of the library’s innovative resources through outreach, community partnerships, and transparent financial practices.
    • Increase awareness of Library resources and expand efforts to engage the community.
    • Strengthen community connections throughout the district and explore marketing strategies that will increase support for the Library.
    • Identify and reduce barriers to library service, prioritizing free and equal access.
    • Maintain transparent and responsible financial practices.
    • Seek alternative funding options for funding library needs.
  • Talent: Foster a positive work culture that values and supports employee talents and provides opportunities for professional growth and development.
    • Invest in training and education opportunities for staff.
    • Recognize and encourage the unique contributions of team members.
    • Develop workspaces that align with responsibilities and boost efficiency.
    • Continually evaluate and respond to staffing needs and communicate responsibilities and priorities.
    • Support team members in striving for excellence and providing exceptional service.