Needle Felt Fun

In case you missed Randall Oaks’ Needle Felt Cozy Creatures program last week, here is a little recap and some instructions in case you would like to attempt this craft at home.

We created small cozy creatures such as cats, dogs, bunnies, and even a frog. We also decorated a small Altoid tin as a play pen for the little creature with felt sheet scraps and magnet tape. We felted small ovals to make the base of our cozy creature.  We then decided what creature we wanted and made the ears and tails to match our desired creature.

For those who are brand new to the process of needle felting, it is a fiber arts craft that involves a specialized needle and loose fibers, pet hair, or wool roving.  The art itself is very simple by combining the loose fibers into a loose ball or log and then poking the fibers with the specialized needle which tangles the fibers together and creates a dense shape that you can use to start your project. The easiest way to create the project you want to make is to break the object down into manageable shapes that make the object.  For this project, I decided that we didn’t need the extra limbs such as legs or arms.  I wanted a simple little creature that could fit in the Altoid tin. 

For example, I made my tiny cat by felting the oval for the body of my cat, and then made two tiny triangles to be the ears, and then finally a small little log/snake to be the tail.  From there it’s as simple as combining the shapes, by felting, or poking the shapes with your needle, to create your project. 

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