Tortured Poet

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Now that we've had the weekend to fully immerse ourselves in miss Taylor’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department, why not try to be a tortured poet yourself.  As we all know Taylor Swift is always scheming and it's no coincidence that she released her album in April, it is national poetry month after all, with that in mind why not create your own blackout poetry.

Stop by the display in the Adult & Teen area to pick up your supplies to create your own blackout poem. You can also check out our version of the TTPD album cover with one of our foxes, Paige, on the cover.  


What is Blackout Poetry, you ask?  

Black out Poetry, also known as erasure or redacted poetry, is a type of found poetry. This means that poetry is created using pre-existing text to create something new. Portions of the original text are kept while others are drawn over or crossed out.  

To do this: 

  1. Take a book page. 

  1. Make notes of meaningful words, phrases, or ideas you find. Get Creative! 

  1. Mark out the text you want to exclude from your poem; Either by crossing out or creating a drawing.  

  1. Add your name and contact information to the back of your poem.  

  1. Submit your blackout poem by the end of April. Winner will be contacted at the beginning of May. 

Once you have created your poem the finished products can be submitted at the information desk for a chance to win a prize, please add your name and contact information on the back. 


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